Meet the Housewives!

I'm Jenn and this is my crazy (but fun) family.  Obviously by the picture I've got 7 kids ranging from 13 (he'd make me say almost 14) down to 19 months.  Nate (my amazingly tolerant husband) and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary this coming October and we're having fun just enjoying this crazy ride called life.

Personally I love just about anything that might be considered crafty and fun.  I love to scrapbook (both paper and digitally), make cards, paint, re-purpose things, fix up old furniture and find a home for it in my house.  With 4 girls I love anything that makes playing with their hair more fun and sewing is something I love with all my heart and would love to have more time to do it.  My newest love is photography.  I have always loved taking a WHOLE lot of pictures of my kids and in the last few years I have had fun with my 1st dslr.  One day I'll have more time to figure it out to its fullest potential but for now I am just loving it.

I hope you'll have fun hanging around our blog and be tolerant of us as we're figuring out this whole blogging world.

Hi Friends!  I'm Paula, lucky mom of three boys, R age 10, C age 5, and H age 2 and in January 2014 we will get to add a baby girl to our family!  I'm the fortunate wife of Josh who continues to put up with my craziness. :-)

We just purchased our first home in November of 2010 and I'm excited to go room by room and make our house a home!   I'm blessed to be surrounded by great, creative women who push me past my comfort zone boundaries and help get my creative juices flowing!

While I love doing "crafty" things...I'm not great at it, my strength lies in baking. :-)  I LOVE the holidays because it gives me a chance to make delicious treats for my friends and family.  I've already made lists of what I'm going to bake!
I hope you enjoy our blog and find the fun, funny and craziness in our lives!

Hola! I'm Gena, or Gigi if you like:) I am the Mom of three beautiful children, Adam (16), Jessie (13) and Paige (9 all most 10). My husband is the fortunate one, and his name is Theron! (Really we are both fortunate, LOL!) Theron and I have been married for 17 years. We have lived in Riverton for 13 years and have loved almost every minute of it. Our quarter acre ranch is home to our herd of 20 chickens. I raise chickens but hate eggs!

We are a family on the go. The kids all play Lacrosse, Theron and Adam love to hunt and fish, we also like to do some rock hounding when we have a chance. Funny, but true. I have recently taken a job outside of the home. Until  then Theron and I worked together in his Real Estate Appraisal business. Working both outside the home and inside the home have created new challenges for our family.

I enjoy doing all  sorts of crafts. I love making cards, I also enjoy Russian punch needle embroidery. I love getting together with my girlfriends and working on craft projects of all sorts. Cooking and baking are also things I enjoy, when I have the time to put into being creative and trying new recipes.

Hopefully I can contribute some great ideas that will help you in your own homes and families.

My name is Lisa. This is my wonderful family which my life revolves around and I absolutely love it. I'm proud to say I have been married 23 years to my best friend. My heart still skips a beat when Kelly walks in the room, even when he decided to dye his hair white this year.

We are the proud parents to 3 fantastic kids.  Casey is 19, graduated and working full time at a job and growing up way too fast. (where has the time gone?)
Lakley is 15, great at school, dancing, socializing and being a teenage girl.  Kelson is 12, he plays competitve soccer and is looking forward to middle school.  My life is so blessed and full of teenage drama and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I am a true soccer mom which includes loving to bake the best goodies and knowing the game well enough to argue about a call with the best of them.  My hobbies right now include couponing and building my stock pile, and of course crafting. Anything that would require being creative I'm interested in.

I'm excited to be among this group of housewives who I love.  They challenge me, love me for who I am and uplift my life.  Hopefully in some way our blog will uplift your life as well.


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