Color Run 2014 – Kaleidoscope Tour!

Last year, we Housewives got to participate in our FIRST Color Run.  I honestly can’t tell you how much awesome fun it was!  First of all…it was ON my birthday!  So it kind of felt like hundreds of people were helping me celebrate turning…uh…one year older. :-)
The Color Run is SERIOUSLY the happiest 5K on earth!  You feel a ton of excitement in the air while everyone is checking in and getting ready!
Here we are all nice and clean!  Decked out in our The Color Run stuff…ready to get this party started!
Now after 5 color stations and a HUGE color throwing party…we looked like this…
It was such a blast!  They have music going to keep your motor running, water stations and even a couple of places for a bathroom break! :-)
I’m SO excited for this year!  The Color Run SLC is on August 23rd (the day before my birthday!) and I can’t wait!  They’ve gone out of their way to make this years events even MORE amazing!  They’re getting really fancy with NEW shirts, headbands, wristbands and even a sling bag!
Check out all this sweet swag!  So make sure you get your friends together and find The Color Run event that’s closest to you!  If you are going to be in the Salt Lake area in late August, come run with us and we’ll make it a big party!
So head over to and get yourself registered!  To make the deal even sweeter, we’re going to give you $5 off your registration!  COLOR5OFF!  Make sure you enter that in before you pay…it’s not retroactive, but it will work for ANY city that you want to do The Color Run in!

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