Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Card Storage Idea

Christmas cards are probably one of my absolute favorite parts of the holiday season.  I got mine out LATE this year but I still got them out.  I need to get them out earlier next year.  I'm a little sad that sometimes it seems that the cards are going away, we seem to get fewer and fewer every year.  I am going to make it my mission to not let that happen!

Usually my cards hang on the door of our coat closet.  This year I tried something new.

This is just 1 set of the cabinet doors that had the cards on them.  I loved each and every card and had fun hanging them and they sure dressed up my kitchen, it made me sad to take them down.

On New Year's Eve we were at Gena's house and she showed me how she's been storing her cards for the last few years.  I loved how she had them put together and knew that is how I was going to start storing mine (and if I can get the rest of them from years past put together I will put them together the same way).

What I love for 1 is the simplicity of it.  It doesn't take much to package them up for storage and they'll be fun and cute to put out for years to come.

The process is simple.  Hole punch in the corner of each card and then run a ring through them.  I added ribbon to the ring in fun festive prints.  I just want to leave them sitting on my piano now!

I am sure the rings can be found at any craft store and I think Gena said they have them at office supply stores also.  They look like this:

They're pretty inexpensive also, at this site they're only $3 for 6 of them.  They're called a hinged ring.  I happened to have one here but now I need to go find more because I can see them coming in handy.

Do you keep your Christmas cards from year to year?  Do they get tossed?  I admit, it makes me sad to think of them being thrown away and I was happy to see ours on Gena's ring of cards for the past 3 years, at least one is making the cut.


  1. I won't tell your Grandmother you stole the ribbon off of the ornaments she so lovingly made you to dress up your Christmas card project... tsk, tsk!

    1. only one off of each and I obviously loved it so much I had to use it :D They are darling this year, the kids loved the notes and wrote notes back, I need to get them in the mail. I heard you guys had a fun time!

    2. PS - CANNOT wait for Bon Jovi...still need to figure out George!

  2. I keep mine, and this year, I took last years and made them into a little spiral-bound book using my Cinch from We R Memory Keepers. Then I tied ribbon like you did, but one piece on each ring of the spine. I love it!

    1. That sounds so cute. I have seen the Cinch and keep wanting it, need to figure out a better way to store all my craft stuff before I can add more though. Would love to see pictures!

  3. Sentiments never die, I always say. And it's really tough to keep the kids' artwork and the items of real emotional value properly these days. This is really a great idea I must share with the wife. Storage for crafts and things with writing on them really need to be taken care of well if you're intending to keep them for a long time. DO take note to put them into a box which has some sort of moisture control and/or absorption set up so that over the years it can stay as fresh as were the day it were written.



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