Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Bread

I was so happy with how this bread turned out!  I had been looking for a Pumpkin Bread recipe that wasn't a sweet bread.  This turned out just perfect!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Young Women in Excellence University

Last week I posted about our "New Beginning" Personal Progress University night for the young women in my ward.  You can check it out here.  We introduced our Personal Progress University in February when we held our new beginnings. We have had a wonderful year teaching and learning about the personal progress program and participating in our University.  We ended the years theme last week at our "Young Women in Excellence" with awards, personal progress displays and a graduation from our University.

During the year we held 5 specific University activities.  The young women selected personal progress values they wanted to focus on.  We held a temple activity, a movie night about the restoration, we also had an activity right before camp about personal progress 100 years ago.  The last 2 activities were about learning to love yourself more where we gave the girls a 10 day challenge.

Awards were given at our Young Women in Excellence night. These awards were determined by attendance to these activities and different challenges we kept track of all year long.

Because the year is so full and busy we chose to do 5 but you can do this anyway you like.  You can take it as far as you want keeping track of things the girls do all year long in personal progress.  The young women enjoyed how we talked about it often and it reminded them and encouraged them to do their personal progress.

My favorite thing of the night were the displays prepared by the young women.  If you have ever been in charge of a young women in excellence the displays can sometimes be the most difficult thing to get the girls involved in.  Because we had been working and talking about this all year it was such a success. 

We provided these tri-folds that we purchased at Wal-mart to go along with our school theme.  We called them their "final project".  Asking them to pick a specific value experience or project to create their board about.  It was so special to see each young women prepare their project with pictures, object and writing about the things they have accomplished during the year in personal progress.

All of the young women leaders were assigned 2-3 young women to be their girls all year to help in personal progress and to be their "school counselors".  They each wrote a spotlight we typed up and put next to their pictures on the table.

I took pictures of each girl holding an item that represented them or the value project they did for their display and edited them.  I turned the picture black and white and then colored the item the color of the value they had picked.

I was so happy with how they all turned out.  I printed and framed each one to give the girls at the end of the night.

We ended the evening with a silly but fun graduation.  I found these graduation hats at the dollar store in the perfect color.  The evening was successful because of the young women.  They are such wonderful examples and I think they enjoyed participating in our University.

I hope this idea will be helpful to you.  Please come back and share with me pictures and how things went. There are so many possibilities with this idea.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Real Housewives Round Up #133

We have one more week before Halloween, I'd LOVE to see this week full of more fun Halloween recipes and crafts.  We've still got some costumes to firm up, why can't my kids make a decision this year and stick with it?

Welcome to the Riverton Housewives Round Up #133!
  We want to see it all!  Recipes, crafts, organization, refashioning...whatever you can come up with!
After linking up, please take some time to check out some of the other link and share the love! :-)

We only have a few rules to play at our party!

~You must be a follower of our blog.  (Feel free to follow us on Facebook too!)
~Please pick a couple of your favorite posts and link up.  Just make sure it's nothing you've linked up with us before!
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So get to linking up!  We can't wait to see all the amazing stuff you all have to share!

Here is what we LOVED from last Round Up!

A Place for You and Me shared a Pumpkin Scone recipe.  Recently my friend Nikki brought me a pumpkin scone (twice...I was spoiled!) and it was AMAZING - you are going to want to try these!

Grandparents Plus brought this cute Preschool Pumpkin Craft to the party.  Isn't this so cute?!  Lila and I are going to have to do this next week.  I know she'll love it.

You all won't hate me for one more pumpkin recipe will you?  Home Cooking shared their recipe for Pumpkin Crunch and it looks amazing.  I can only imagine that it'll make my house smell awesome while it's cooking.

Our Most Viewed comes from Little Birdie Secrets and is this adorable Halloween Burlap Mini Banner Tutorial.  I can only hope my printer does this as easily as her's does because I cannot wait to try this!

Thanks once again to everyone who shared their talents with us this past week.  We're excited to see what you've been up to this week.  Let's get this party started!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Peanut Butter Bars- Lunch Lady

Oh how I love these Peanut butter bars. I remember eating these as a kid at school lunch and how excited we would get when we found out it was peanut butter bar day! I remember kids would start asking you in class before lunch if they could have your peanut butter bar and I would always tell  them NO!!  I've been making these for my family for years and my kids love them so much,  especially my one daughter she wanted these instead of a birthday cake one year!  There is one bad thing about these peanut butter bars well actually 2 they are highly addictive and they make a lot so you think you need to keep eating them because they are there and you don't want them to go to waste! This is where you run into a problem, you know the cutting off  little pieces as you walk by and then later noticing a whole row is gone and realizing all of your kids are at school and your husband is at work and you are the only one at home. You couldn't have possibly eaten that much yourself??This may or may not have happened to me before.

I've used this recipe for years I've seen different variations out there and have  actually tried a couple of different recipes but they just aren't the same. I always come back to this one. I love this recipe and I hope you do too!

Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats are a common treat at our house.  We all LOVE them and a pan of treats never last long.  While I was making some other delicious, pumpkin recipes.  I thought it would be yummy to add some pumpkin to our Rice Krispie Treats and see how they turn out.  I was SOOOO happy with the outcome.   Seriously, if my husband wasn't a die hard, traditional krispie treat fan, I'd probably never make them without pumpkin again!


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