Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We housewives were spread out everywhere this year!  Still, we've been keeping in touch over text and enjoying so much fun with our families!  This was my first year being COMPLETELY in charge of dinner.  We had Thanksgiving this year with just us.  Josh and Ryan got up early to play flag football with some other guys from the ward.  Ryan was super excited because he scored two touchdowns!!  Aurora, Cole, Hudson and I all slept in a bit longer and then I got up to start on our feast.  I can honestly say I don't know that I've ever cooked ALL DAY LONG, so this was kind of crazy!  I was actually proud of myself for how I had things timed, and everything was ready to go at the same time...perfect!

Our delicious dinner consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yam casserole, green beans sauteed with garlic and bacon, deviled eggs, jello, rolls and gravy and of course homemade pumpkin pie for dessert!  We have SOOOOO much food leftover, but I'll admit I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers so I'm not at all disappointed. :-)
Now because I was in the kitchen all day, everyone else just kind of hung out.  They played, read books, watched movies, played some more, and even cleaned a little bit!  But because of that, I never got anyone, except Aurora, actually while our dinner was fit for a king, we looked a little like peasants! :-)  But that's okay because it was still wonderful!  And I did get some pictures of the little princess on her FIRST Thanksgiving!

Aurora was in HEAVEN with the food.  She ate turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll.  Daddy snuck a piece of pumpkin pie and shared with her...she pretty much thought it was the best thing ever!  Her beautiful little Turkey dress, my mom got us last year before she was even born.  We found them on sale and so Aurora and her two cute cousins got to be matchy matchy on Thanksgiving even though we were all in different states! :-)

On any given day, but especially on holidays that we can't be together...we almost always have a family text going on.  These texts almost always include so much humor that I spend much of the time laughing so hard, I'm crying.  Everyone shared such wonderful comments and pictures of what they made for dinner, pictures of our families and friends, and even one hilarious picture from my uncle expressing his utter distaste for Brussels sprouts!  I can only say that I'm so incredibly grateful for the connection I have with my family.  I know that our family is so special and I'm so thankful for the love we share!

I did get a couple of pictures from Jenn and Angela while they were celebrating Thanksgiving.  Jenn was with my Grandma, Aunt, and Cousin and it looks like they had such a great day!

Aren't they all so awesome! :-)

And this gem came from Angela...she's going to be sharing her recipe soon and I'm SOOOOO excited!  I know you guys will be too!

I know Lisa and Gena are having an amazing time with their families too!  And hopefully they'll share a few pictures with us later about their fun!
I hope you all had an wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  We are so thankful for our awesome readers and wish you the most amazing holiday weekend full of family, friends, food, and fun!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Riverton Housewives Round Up #138

What a wonderful week for our Round Up last week!  I loved that we had some new faces here partying with us.  I hope you're all looking forward to a relaxing holiday tomorrow, my holiday started today and can't wait for the food tomorrow and then the fun shopping Friday not to mention lots of family time.  It's our last break until after the Nutcracker is finished at the end of December.  I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Welcome to the Riverton Housewives Round Up #138!
  We want to see it all!  Recipes, crafts, organization, refashioning...whatever you can come up with!
After linking up, please take some time to check out some of the other link and share the love! :-)

We only have a few rules to play at our party!

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So get to linking up!  We can't wait to see all the amazing stuff you all have to share!

Here is what we LOVED from last Round Up!

Fynes Designs created the most beautiful Christmas Table Centerpiece.  I'm wondering how quickly I could get one done for my table.

A Little House Living shared her Grandma's Peach Kuchen Recipe.  I've never heard of this before but it looks so good I think I'm going to have to make it soon.

Look at how adorable this Paper Plate Pop Up Snowman craft that Crafty Journal shared with us.  I know my kids would have a blast making these!

Our most viewed this week (by an impressive amount I might add) comes from Upstate Ramblings and is her Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe.  I didn't always love cheesecake because it always seemed to have cherry toppings and that wasn't my favorite but then one day I had blueberry cheesecake and all of the sudden the love began.  I can't wait to have Paula make this one (because I don't think I'm ready to tackle a cheesecake yet) and share it with me!

Now onto this weeks party!!!  I can't wait to see what you're going to share this week.  I'm thinking (hoping) there will be lots of fun Christmas recipes and crafts/projects for me to look through.  Happy partying!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tulle Turkey Treats

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only 2 days away. That gives you just enough time to whip up these cute little turkey treats. I've seen these turkeys floating around Pinterest for awhile and thought they would be fun to make for my kids this year for Thanksgiving. It would also be a fun idea to sit the turkey by their plate at Thanksgiving dinner with a tag attached with their name on it. I think it would make them feel so special!  I know my kids are going to love them mostly because they are filled with candy. They came together so fast and I had a lot of fun making them. I think this would also be a fun craft to do with the kiddos after you have stuffed yourself with turkey and you just want to relax. You could set up a table with all the supplies on it and the kids could come and make their turkey throughout the evening.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Elf On A Shelf Ideas

So we don't do Elf on a Shelf at our house.  Mainly because I know that if our elf is anything like me, he won't do anything cool, fun, or creative.  He'd probably just sit on the couch, watching the entire series of Gilmore Girls and eating all the candy canes off the tree.  However, I LOVE the idea of Elf on a Shelf!  I think it's really fun to see the silly stuff that other people's elves do and how much fun it is for their children to be a part of!  With the world of blogging and Pinterest at our finger tips, it's so easy to help get ideas of what your elf can do, and also share  your ideas with others.  I've rounded up some super fun EOAS ideas if you're looking to start the tradition in your family, or looking to up your EOAS game. :-)

My Mommy Style has SEVERAL awesome ideas on things your elf can do!  They also have a great post with tips and tricks on how to not get burned out with your elf...AND, they have an ebook on how to incorporate your elf with Frozen!  So be sure to check them out!

Over the Big Moon has a TON of great ideas, free printables and more!  Head over to their blog and make sure you check out their 25 Quick and Easy EOAS ideas that take LESS than 5 mins to do!

My Crazy Good Life has a great post on how to introduce your elf!  If you are just getting on the EOAS bandwagon, this will give you some fun ideas to welcome your elf to your family!

East Coast Mommy gives you a FULL MONTH of EOAS ideas!  You can have all the fun with your family, without having to come up with all the ideas yourself (<---my biggest downfall!)!

And if you are looking for a way to have your elf help teach your kids about Christ, check out Crayon Marks and Tiger Stripes!  She has a great Pinterest board you can follow too!

I hope these help you with your EOAS creativity this year and I'll be looking forward to seeing all the amazing things your elves do!

Be sure to comment below and share your EOAS traditions with us!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters' Stuff Cookbook - Review and Giveaway

It's no question that we Housewives love the Six Sisters.  They inspire us with all the good they do and the talent they so willing share with all of us.

This year they released their 3rd cookbook 12 Days of Christmas with Six Sisters' Stuff and this is my favorite one yet.  I love the holiday season and I love that this *cookbook* is full of recipes, homemade gift ideas, and different traditions you want to try in your own home.

When Paula and I received this cookbook we immediately started flipping through the pages and picked out what we wanted to start on.

Paula started baking/cooking.  To date she's made:

Eggnog Cookies - page 6

Gingerbread Waffles (page 36) and the Balsamic Pot Roast (page 103) and lucky for me she shared them all.  They were all delicious (she followed the recipes exactly).  I personally loved the Eggnog Cookies the best.  I love eggnog but when I saw the recipe for a cookie I was a little leery, I'm glad Paula made them because now I know I love them and can't wait to try to make them myself.

Going through the cookbook you'll find that all of the recipes are quite simple to make but the simplicity takes nothing away from the flavor.  They are delicious.

Along with the recipes the book includes:
12 family traditions
12 ways to give back
12 gifts for neighbors
12 sanity saving Christmas tips

One of my favorite sections is called 12 Days of Christmas for Your True Love.  I know we all find ourselves incredibly busy during the holidays.  This year especially we're looking at a crazy December.  With 7 kids Nate and I are very often running different directions getting them where they need to be and trying to get things done for the holidays.  I love the idea of taking the time (in advance) to come up with a 12 little ideas to celebrate them each day.  I can't think of anyone in our home who deserves to be celebrated more than Nate.

I also really love the 12 ways to give back ideas they came up with.  We've decided this year we wanted to do more giving and their ideas fall in line exactly with the things we were wanting to do.

Here are some of the other things from the book I can't wait to do this year.

Santa Sugar Cookies (pages 2&3)
I think these guys are just adorable and something the kids would have so much fun helping with.

The Bacon and Egg Breakfast Casserole (page 31), The Gooey Caramel Pull-Aparts (page 43 - my kids are obsessed with Monkey Bread right now and this is looking very similar yet different), and the T-Shirt Headband (page 130) I think this would be a fun friend gift for my girls to make this year and something with a little help they could do themselves.

I have to say this book easily deserves 5 stars.  These ladies have made this a book that is so much more than a cookbook and I think once you have one in your hands you're going to want to give one as gifts as well.

Good news!!!  The Sisters have given us a copy of this wonderful cookbook to give away to one of our awesome readers!  I know you're just going to love it!

(PS be sure to check out the other Six Sisters' Cookbooks here)

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We were given this book to review; all thoughts and opinions are completely our own.
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